Have you (or a loved one):

  • Seen several doctors and taken numerous medications but still haven't found relief for your symptoms?
  • Been disappointed with mental health treatment because it was ineffective for you?
  • Tried many things to feel healthier and happier, have better focus and increased energy, but can't seem to get all the way there?

DO you (or a loved one):

  • Want an integrated approach targeted to your specific brain and situation?
  • Want the latest technology to learn about how YOUR brain works?
  • Want to work with a committed group of professionals whose unique method yields a very high rate of success for patients?


With the Amen Clinics Method, we evaluate your brain health within the context of your life. Our method integrates biological, psychological, social and spiritual influences, neuropsychological testing, brain SPECT imaging, and lab tests (when necessary). This comprehensive information gives our physicians a deep understanding to target treatment specifically tailored to your brain and situation.


of study participants reported an increase in quality of life after only 6 months when treated with the Amen Clinics Method.

With nearly 100,000 brain scans in our database,
we know that symptoms are a direct reflection
of what is going on in your brain:

When your brain
works right, you
work right and feel
When your brain has problems,
you are much more likely to have problems in
your life.

Don't give up!

Amen Clinics have helped thousands of patients over the years and can help you too!

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If you (or a loved one) are having a life-threatening emergency or are in an immediate mental health or medical crisis, please call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room for help now.