Healthy vs Unhealthy Brain

Your brain is involved in everything you do – how you think, feel, act and relate to others. Your behavior and choices throughout your life have a direct effect on the health of your brain. A healthy lifestyle with good nutrition, physical activity and adequate sleep can lead to a better brain, while chronic stress, drugs and alcohol, a poor diet and lack of physical activity are harmful to the brain.

Take a look at the brain scans below and decide which brain you would rather have…

Compare and manipulate below

A healthy Brain

On SPECT, the surface of a healthy brain looks smooth with full and symmetrical blood flow and activity. This tells us that the brain is working the way it is supposed to.

An Unhealthy Brain

This SPECT image of an unhealthy brain reveals many “holes” on the surface, which represent areas of low blood flow and poor activity as a result of damage from substance and alcohol abuse.


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