Institute for Integrative Nutrition: Reconnect & Rejoice

After nearly three years of being apart – it is time to come together and celebrate in a way only IIN can. Our weekend plans include getting connected to our true selves with Deepak Chopra MD, understanding our physical and energetic bodies with integrative medicine pioneer, Andrew Weil, MD, an exploration of brain health and its connection to happiness with Dr, Daniel Amen, eating for happiness with Maya Feller, movement with Pilin Anice and business tools with Jenay Rose. There will be moments to make new friends and reconnect with old, dance, breathe and celebrate. As well as some surprise experiences with guests we think you will be VERY excited about – including morning teachings from IIN’s very own Joshua Rosenthal!

Register at:

05/21/2022 - 05/22/2022

New World Symphony Center