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Podcast hosts Dr. Daniel Amen and Tana Amen are changing the way we look at the brain and its direct connection to all things wellness. From weight loss to love and happiness to overcoming mental conditions like anxiety, depression and ADD. They deliver practical, everyday tips for building the best brain and best life possible. Click on one of the episodes below to listen today! You can also find The Brain Warrior’s Way on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or Google Play.

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Change Your Brain, Change Your Grades with Chloe Amen

August 1, 2019

The surprising #1 fear for most Americans isn’t heights, spiders, or clowns, but speaking in public. Many tense up in fear just thinking about getting up in front of the class or workplace to give a presentation. So how can you stay cool, calm, and collected when your name gets called? In this episode of The Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast, Dr. Daniel Amen, Tana Amen, and their daughter Chloe give you practical tips to keep your head and face those fears.

Can Eating Certain Foods Make it Harder to Focus? With Chloe Amen

July 31, 2019

One of the most overlooked factors when determining success at school is nutrition habits. You may be surprised to hear that the type of food you send your child off to school with may play a huge role in how well they’re able to focus in class. In the third episode in a series on the brain at school, Dr. Daniel Amen, Tana, and their daughter Chloe share some insight on how to properly fuel the brain to ace those tests.

How Different Brain Types Affect Study Habits with Chloe Amen

July 30, 2019

When it comes to study habits and organization, finding the right balance in your routine can mean the difference between success and failure. However, that balance can be entirely different for people with different brain types. In the second episode of a series on the brain at school, Dr. Amen and Tana are again joined by their daughter Chloe for a discussion on how to optimize your brain to best set you up for success in the classroom.

Success at School: This Factor is More Important Than Grades with Chloe Amen

July 29, 2019

For some people, the education system can be a breeze. For others, struggle and frustration is the name of the game. However, when it comes to predicting success in life, grades aren’t necessarily the best metric. In this episode of The Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast, Dr. Daniel Amen and Tana are joined by their daughter Chloe, co-author of the new book, “Change Your Brain, Change Your Grades”, for a discussion on the most important focus points for students.

Why Our Brains Aren’t Programmed To Face Rejection With Chloe Amen

October 9, 2018

Throughout our lives, there will inevitably be times we face rejection. Whether it’s the outcome of a job interview or asking out a crush, rejection can radically affect our self-esteem. In this episode of The Brain Warrior’s Way Podcast, Tana Amen is joined by her daughter Chloe, an aspiring actress, for a conversation on why it’s so important to reframe the way we think about rejection.
GUEST/S Chloe Amen

Pressure & Social Media: How Can You Get Your Kids to Confide In You? with Chloe Amen

January 17, 2018

In the second and final episode of a two-part series on vulnerability, Tana Amen is joined by her daughter Chloe to discuss the ways a parent can get their children to open up and be honest with them. Kids’ experience is much different these days, and with many of them trying harder and harder to be noticed on social media, it often causes a disengagement in real life. Learn how to take the steps necessary to understand your children and lead by example, and they will likely find it easier to open up and connect with you.
CATEGORIES Child Psychiatry
GUEST/S Chloe Amen

Parenting: Can Vulnerability Be a Good Thing? with Chloe Amen

January 16, 2018

In the first episode of a special two-part series, Tana Amen is joined by her daughter Chloe to discuss the role vulnerability plays in a young person’s development. Letting other people control how you feel will only hold you back, but when you tell yourself that being vulnerable is being bold, you’ll open yourself up to the opportunities that are only available when you let go of that fear.
CATEGORIES Vulnerability
GUEST/S Chloe Amen
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