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Podcast hosts Dr. Daniel Amen and Tana Amen are changing the way we look at the brain and its direct connection to all things wellness. From weight loss to love and happiness to overcoming mental conditions like anxiety, depression and ADD. They deliver practical, everyday tips for building the best brain and best life possible. Click on one of the episodes below to listen today! You can also find The Brain Warrior’s Way on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or Google Play.

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How an Actor Overcame his Addictions, with Chris Browning

January 23, 2020

Character actor Chris Browning was watching his life slowly turn into a cautionary tale due to his struggles with substance abuse when he finally found his path to redemption. He learned that “humility isn’t thinking less or yourself, but rather thinking of yourself less.” In this final episode of a series with Chris, he and Tana discuss how finding the purpose to help others led to the triumphant conclusion of his comeback story.
GUEST/S Chris Browning

What to Do When Your Self-Talk Works Against You, with Chris Browning

January 22, 2020

When actor Chris Browning became addicted to heroin, one of his biggest takeaways was that heroin addiction is the only disease that tells you that you don’t have it. His ego and distorted view of self constantly got in the way of his getting help and making a change. But, as he describes to Tana in the episode, it was the miracle that took place during a prison riot knife fight that finally convinced him to start looking for the other side.
GUEST/S Chris Browning

Signs of Different Substance Addictions, with Chris Browning

January 21, 2020

Sons of Anarchy and Westworld actor Chris Browning went from living in a house in Malibu to living in a tent under the 405 freeway. The progression of his downward spiral was reflected by the different drugs he was using at the time, from cocaine to meth and ultimately to heroin. In the second episode of a series on Chris’ downfall and redemption story, he and Tana Amen discuss what it’s like to find yourself at rock bottom.
GUEST/S Chris Browning

Are You A High-Functioning Alcoholic? with Chris Browning

January 20, 2020

Character actor Chris Browning’s career was just beginning to take off when his personal demons began to emerge. Although he had been a high-functioning alcoholic since the age of 15, his social anxiety, genetic predisposition, and turbulent family life ultimately turned him towards more dangerous habits. In this first episode of a series with the actor, Chris tells Tana how his earlier years in the acting world both helped and hindered him in his struggle for sobriety.
GUEST/S Chris Browning
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