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Podcast hosts Dr. Daniel Amen and Tana Amen are changing the way we look at the brain and its direct connection to all things wellness. From weight loss to love and happiness to overcoming mental conditions like anxiety, depression and ADD. They deliver practical, everyday tips for building the best brain and best life possible. Click on one of the episodes below to listen today! You can also find The Brain Warrior’s Way on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or Google Play.

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Is Brain Inflammation Causing You to Gain Weight? With Shawn Stevenson

February 2, 2021

When it comes to losing weight, the traditional message has been that calories are king. Control the amount of calories you put into your body, and you control your weight. However, as “Eat Smarter” author Shawn Stevenson tells us, this is clearly not the whole story. In this episode of the podcast, Shawn and the Amens discuss how inflammation in the brain can reduce your body’s ability to burn calories, causing frustration in many dieters. Luckily, Shawn has practical techniques to break this cycle and reduce inflammation in your brain to help balance your body’s metabolism.   For more info on Shawn's new book "Eat Smarter", visit
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